Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And then something like this happens

Today I got a nice surprise message from a colleague on cool messenger. Completely out of the blue - I did all my complaining in that last blog post and haven't said a thing about it at work. My main CT said that she and this teacher had been talking about it today. Anyway, here it goes. I'm posting it here so I can look back and remind myself of good things from time to time.

You know? You're one of the best native teachers I've ever met.
So you've been taken over more work than other NETs have.

We Korean English teachers need native speakers who have much knowledge like you.
We think you're the best in proofreading.

We've seen many of native speakers don't know grammar exactly. 
If we have to employ one teacher between you and another NET, we'll choose you. And if you need recommendation letters when you get a job in other country, we'll give you the most score.
We know you have more work than other NETs do.
But could you help our work second semester in the way you did this semester?
We are really sorry that you do more work than other NETs do. But we put more value on you. 
But if we need your help and your work hours are over 22 h average a week for which native speakers are supposed to work, we won't give you work.
We always appreciate your help.

That feels good.