I bought a sketchpad and I'm trying to draw or paint something every day. If it's good I'll put it up here.

apricot blossoms

My CT's daughter. My pen bled but I've learned my lesson. 


  1. Hello...Katherine, is it? First of all, love your sketches! My name is Johan Young, a fellow teacher here in Korea. I linked back to your site since you posted a link to my blog - - featuring instructions to convert school computers/MS Office from Korean to English - I'm glad it worked for you. From the looks of your blog, seems you are enjoying this fine country and making the most of it - good luck with the rest of your bucket list! Just wanted to say "Hi" and wish you all the best with teaching and living life to the fullest here. Take care...Johan

    1. Thanks, Johan! Your blog has helped me immensely.