Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eligibility hiccup.

I didn't have the most geographically stable childhood, moving overseas when I was four and then going to boarding school in South Africa from grade 8 and up. So when I saw that the EPIK requirements say that you need 10 years of schooling in a country where English is the main language, from a list of about seven countries (the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, South Africa and so on), I got a bit worried.

"Fine," I thought. "If I do a year of honours then that brings me to 5 years of university and 5 years of high school. Sorted."

Then I looked at the rules again a few months later, and saw that it said "10 years, starting from 7th grade."

EEK! I sent an email to them asking if a year of English-medium instruction at an international school was all right, and the very nice man on the other end said it's fine as long as I can prove it. A week later, after some emails back and forth to my first high school, and I have a signed document saying the school did teach in English, and I did go there.


For anyone who is planning to teach in Korea, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to be prepared, read the information closely, and give yourself time for slow documents and so on. I'm organising all this stuff now, but only plan to go to Korea in 2013.

Also, I've been looking up TEFL courses, and so far the one here is the cheapest (but it doesn't include the practical side). I have to do that practical bit in Johannesburg, which could cost ANOTHER R5000. This is looking very expensive, but it will definitely be worth it once I'm there.

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