Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teaching in Korea Document Checklist

Phew. Applying for this job is beyond stressful. Or it was until I made myself a little checklist, specifically for application through TeachKorea. And here it is for your convenience:

TeachKorea Application Checklist

  Documents that must be emailed:

  •   Application form
  •   Passport scan
  •   Photograph (studio, facing front, smiling, dressed as if going to the office)
  •   Scan of police clearance certificate (this takes about 2 months to process and expires after 6, although you can get a reprint for R59)
  •   GPA (add up all your marks for all your undergrad courses and divide them by the number of courses)

  Documents that must be sent by post:

  •   Application form
  •   6 passport size prints of studio photo (submit 2, keep 4 for use in Korea)
  •   Original police clearance certificate (or photocopy of receipt to prove you’ve applied for it)
  •   2 sealed character reference letters
  •   Certified copy of degree certificate (or if still completing then a copy of most recent transcripts)
  •   2 sets of sealed transcripts (full academic record)
  •   Agency agreement

And that's all you need. Not so stressful after all, is it?

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