Thursday, May 23, 2013

Speaking Test

Today we started the first round of speaking tests for the A classes. There were some spectacular answers. 

As for the teacher - my best advice is as follows:
1. Check the student's name against the list and mark their score in the right place. This will save a lot of stress.
2. Try to give off an air of being as relaxed as possible when they walk up to you. Body language should be open. Lean back in your seat, smile, get them to laugh. They're a massive bundle of nerves so loosening the tension will help them to perform better, and they'll be less robotic. 
3. When giving them prep stuff for the test, emphasise creativity and give them ridiculous examples. If they're enjoying themselves, so will you. 
4. Use a very specific rubric to grade them so that it is completely fair. 

Here are some of the best answers I've had today. These are the top level 3rd graders in my middle school:

Q: What makes you special or unique? 1) I am unique and special because I am God. I control the whole universe. 
2) I am unique because I look and dress like a boy, so everyone thinks I am a boy, but that's just my style. 
3) I am unique because I can talk to my dog. 
4) I am unique because I love Katie! ♥ 
5) I am unique because I walk on water instead of swimming under it. 
6) I am unique because I can speak every language. 
7) I am unique because I am a dragon. I breathe fire and I can fly. (teacher: Aaagh! Please don't kill me!)

Q: If you had a time machine where would you go? 
1) I would go to the future so I could see how Doctor Who ends. 
2) I would go to the past to help my mother through hard times, because my brother is disabled.
3) I would go to the future so I could see my future wife. 
4) I would go to the jurassic period so I could ride dinosaurs. 

Q: What are you looking forward to doing in the summer vacation? 
1) I am looking forward to being in PSY's next music video. 
2) I am looking forward to keeping lions, tigers and bears in my apartment. It will be dangerous and I am a little bit scared, but I think it's exciting.
3) I am looking forward to playing soccer with Renaldo on the moon.

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