Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some Google Translated School Message Gems

Yesterday many of the Daegu epikers were given the day off. My school was glad to get rid of me, even though I begged to work, because it was test day. Today is another test day so I'm deskwarming  catching up on all the lessing planning I need to do by tomorrow.

But first, here are some wonderfully mistranslated gems from the messages sent yesterday and today.

The teacher who's bringing lacy underthings to the exam
5 minutes before completing the test, I'll bring my Gaiters.

The teacher who signed his/her message with a confession to grave robbing
person who needs to take a lot of remains.

Is this threatening punishment by slavery to a sanitation expert?
(Note, if you do not speak any other reason except for traveling supervision assigned to supervise the next time will be to cater to the Director of untreated water).

Apparently test protocol includes beating the students

Admitted hitting the the preliminary species when beginning (5 minutes before the start of the test)

Pray that the banks reopen! And, world peace, and global warming, and stuff. God's going to be busy.
The bank is closed today. Ask god recyclable recovered the banks Busy Busy Sangsin, - ~

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