Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ticking off things on the bucket list

This whole being a millionaire thing is going to my head. I just dropped about $250 on a couple of weekend trips. It is WAY too easy to spend money in Korea, especially when you can do immediate transfers online. But then everything's so cheap, so I actually can't spend my money quickly enough! I'm considering paying extra into my debt-repayment account just because I can. And because banking online gives me some sort of sick sense of power and autonomy.

First there's Buddha's Birthday, which involves ziplining over the sea, an outdoor spa, hiking in Seoraksan, partying in Sokcho, go-karting, and buffet breakfasts at a swish hotel.

Then there's the Boryeong mud festival, which I've been humming and hawing about for a bit. 

Here's what my trip entails, with EnjoyKorea.Asia:
We have great pensions 1 minute from the beach, party buses taking you there and back and an awesome party on the Saturday night with live music from great bands and DJ’s from around the globe so we can keep the party going once the festivities on the beach have finished.

The Boryeong Mud Festival is for many the highlight of the summer, and with a weekend of slathering yourself in mud, catapulting down mud-slicked inflatable slides and dunking virtual strangers in murky communal pits, then running screaming into the sea to clean yourself off, it’s easy to see why. Those looking for a more laid back experience can opt for mud facials, body painting, and simply lounging on Daecheon Beach. Add to this the k-pop acts and firework shows in the evening it really is one of the events of the summer which will give you and your friends stories to tell for years to come.

The cost for this trip which includes; round-trip party bus, quality pensions and the awesome Saturday evening party is only 85,000 won from Daegu and 95,000 from Busan & Ulsan. 

Although it's on my bucket list, I've heard so many stories about it that are frankly off-putting. It sounds like a massive frat party. I had enough of that at university.

But there's a little part of me that wants it anyway.

And unfortunately, that's the part that just bought the ticket. Well, it's done now. I'd better sit back and enjoy  ticking even more things off my bucket list. So far so good! I'm over a quarter of the way through it. And who cares if I make bad decisions for the sole purpose of ticking things off? Like riding a disco pan-pan while recovering from food poisoning AFTER riding 3 rollercoasters and an upside down spinny thing.

It didn't break me. It made me stronger. So, bring it on, Korea.

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