Monday, April 1, 2013

NK has invaded SK!

Typing on my phone from the school hall so bear withme if there are typos

David posted on FB this morning - NK has taken the DMZ and is heading south. I can't find the Korea Times article but the NK war declaration can be found here:

I guess the US's strategy of winding them up unnecessarily has worked, so their soldiers in SK don't feel spare any more, and they have an excuse to spend more money on their military. Ho hum.

The DMOE is evacuating us to Busan and then Japan. Buses are leaving from my school all day; I'm on the 1pm one so for now just waiting and trying to keep students calm. Some nice ladies are handing out hotteok and gimbap. So far we're safe but you could see the mushroom cloud from the Camp Henry area

There were soldiers running aruound helping us organise buses and they've been really good so far; very polite and professional.
I've managed to snag some spots on some of our buses for some hagwon friends. There are a couple of spces left but they'er going fast and it'll cost you. Email me for bank details if you're in Daegu and want in - it will cost about 50 - 100 000 won. Leaving every 15 mins from 9:30 til 2pm.

Stay safe and contact your embassies. They'll probably be quite busy today.



  1. I'm sorry things have escalated in this manner. It seems the USA's 1984 drive is in full swing.

    Have you been in contact with Chris?

    1. It was an april fool's joke. Chris who?