Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Setting up Online Banking with KEB

Amanda has written a fantastic guide to setting up online banking at KEB.

Reposted here for your convenience.


  • Go to your nearest KEB branch. 
  • Bring your wire transfer information
             i.     Receiving bank’s name (Bank of America, etc).
             ii.     Your account number (or recipient’s number)
             iii.     Receiving bank’s address (can be the national or local address)
             iv.     Receiving bank’s SWIFT code or ABA #  (call your bank to find this out
  • Bring your Passport, ARC card, and KEB bank book
  • Plan to spend at least an hour at KEB getting everything set up.  Bring a Korean to help you.  Yes, they will probably speak some English, but just bring a Korean.
  • Once they have everything set up, you should be good to go to set up your online banking.

ONLINE BANKING   http://bank.keb.co.kr/index_en.jsp -- English KEB website 

There will be a number of pop-ups, add-ons, and plug-ins that you will need to install.  Pretty much everything that pops up, click okay.  You may also have to restart your browser a couple times for the new installations to take place.

Password Registration (You will need your ARC card)
  1. Click “Individual.”  Click “Foreigner.”
  2. User ID:  You should have chosen this at the bank.
  3. Registration Number:  your alien card number
  4. Click the boxes for “agree” and then click “next.” 
  5. When it asks for a pin number, this is the 4-digit number you should have chosen at the bank.  Mine’s the same as my ATM pin number.
  6. Follow the steps.  It’s easy.

Issue a Digital Certificate  (You will need your KEB bank book, KEB Security Card,
  1. Start over.  Next to where you clicked “Password Registration,” click “Digital Certificate Issuance.”
  2. This will prompt you to log in with your user ID and your password. 
  3. Choose the free certificate option (obviously) and click “agree.” 
  4. Type in your account number (on your bank book), and enter your 4-digit PIN
  5. Now get your KEB Security card (plastic card with bunch of numbers on the back – DO NOT EVER LOSE THIS CARD!)
  6. Enter the missing numbers of the serial number on the FRONT of the card.
  7. Enter the numbers they ask from the back of your card.
  8. Check to make sure your personal information is correct. 
  9. A window will pop up asking you to choose a storage device.
    1. If you plan on using the same computer to access your account, then you can just choose “Hard Disk.”  If you work with a couple different computers, then you should choose “USB Drive.”  This is where your Digital Certificate will be stored.  Every transfer from here on out, will require you to have this certificate. 
    2. Create a password for your certificate.  I use the same password for my bank account to save my sanity. 
  10. Congratulations.  You now have the ability to wire money home, and do immediate transfers to friends/businesses in Korea.   

You basically have two options for transfers.  “Global Wire Transfer” is any sort of international transfer.  “Immediate transfer” is just like an ATM transfer – people or businesses in Korea.  Buttons for both of these are on your dashboard (icons on the left side of the screen).
Global Wire Transfer (You will need your KEB Security card)
  1. Click the icon for “Global Wire Transfer.”
  2. Wire-transfer purpose:  Click the 3rd one (Foreign Resident or non-resident’s salary not residing over one year)
  3. Transfer type:  Check the button for “Remittance No.”  A window will pop up with the information you have already set up in person at KEB.  Click the underlined number in the far left box. 
  4. Select your account number, enter your pin, and select your account number again as the fee payment account.
  5. Now choose the currency you would like your bank to receive (Americans = US Dollars).  However, you can choose to type the amount to transfer in either USD or KRW.  (Like if I know I want to send 1,000,000 won home, I’ll chose KRW and just type 1,000,000. If I know I need $800, I’ll choose USD and type 800.00.)
  6. For “Relationship with the Sender,” just choose “in person”, then enter your email address.  
  7. Click agree at the bottom of the page and get your Security Card for the next page.
  8. Enter the numbers they ask for from the back of your Security Card.
  9. Now a window will pop up asking for your digital certificate. 
    1. If you saved your certificate to your hard drive, it should show in the window. 
    2. If you saved your certificate to a USB drive, navigate to find your certificate. 
    3. Make sure the file is highlighted.  In the box near the bottom, type in the password your created for your certificate. “Enter.”
10.  A page should come up confirming your transfer.  You will also receive an email that confirms your transfer.

Immediate Transfer (You will need the recipient’s Bank Name and Account Number.  You will also need your KEB Security Card.)
  1. Click “Immediate Transfer” and follow the instructions. 
  2. The process is pretty much the same as Global Wire Transfer.